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ABG is a Benefits Provider for FedEx Contracted Service Providers

Associated Benefits Group would like to announce it is now a benefits provider for FedEx Contracted Service Providers.

Millennials Aren’t Invincible

There are 3 Crucial Reasons Millennials Needs Disability Insurance. If you are a millennial, it’s hard to imagine being out of work for months because of a long-term injury or illness. You’re young and healthy, so what do you need disability insurance for? Although workers, especially in the millennial generation, believe the probability of being […]

Blueprint for Participation in 401k plans

How many of us will be so fortunate as to participate in an employer-sponsored retirement, 401k,  plan every day of our working careers? Or, for an even more uncommon scenario, how many of us will work for the same company for 30 or 40 years? Yet, as has been amply established by the Employee Benefit Research […]

2015 No. 1 Reasons for Disability Leave

Pregnancy and Cancer Top Reasons for Using Disability Leave Insurance Benefits CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Unum, the leading provider of disability insurance in the U.S., analyzes claims activity each year and shares results near Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May to help foster a better understanding of the value of disability and other coverage. Disability income […]

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